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Sakura (Refill + Reed Stick Set)

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Sakura Scent (Refill + Reed Stick Set)

Also known as the cherry blossom, the Sakura flower is a symbol of purification and restoration in Japan. The scent is said to be purifying, and rich in antioxidants. Usher a zen-like atmosphere into your homes with this sweet floral scent.

Sakura reed diffusers are an easy and elegant way to fine-tune your home:

  • Functions as both a home decor piece & fragrance source
  • A sweet and feminine floral scent for the jovial spirit
  • High-concentration essential oils for a long-lasting natural scent
  • Minimalist design & packaging for every home
  • Designed in Singapore for daily rejuvenation

A long-lasting scent that helps to make your home feel clean and refreshed.


1 x Bottle of pre-filled fragrance oil (180ml) of Pristine's Sakura Scent

5 x Polyester fiber reed sticks

It can last up to 3-4 months. The shelf life is 12 months after opening the packaging.

  • Moss brown plastic bottle with black cap
  • Blend of natural essential oils and fragrance oils
  • Free from parabens and other toxic chemicals
  • Safe for inhalation by pets & children

1) Remove screw cap from refill bottle

2) Remove metallic film from the bottle lid

3) Pour refill oil directly into reed diffuser jar or bottle

*Do not burn

More reed diffuser tips here.


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Why Choose Pristine's Garden Reed Diffusers Refills

1. Experience Nature At Home

Transform your home into an aromatic garden with Pristine's nature inspired garden series scents.

2. Long Lasting Fragrance

Pristine diffusers are a premium blend of high concentration essential oils for a long-lasting natural scent

3. Seamless Scent Dispersion

Pristine reed sticks are made from porous polyester fiber which does not mold compared to rattan sticks.