Why You Find It Hard To Fall Asleep:

  • Most people in Singapore sleep in air-conditioned rooms. This leads to excessive dryness of the skin, eyes & mouth.

  • High stress environments, excessive dopamine from social media & an over-stimulated mind makes sleeping difficult.

Learn How To Sleep Better With Pristine Below:

Pristine's 3 Step Guide To Better Sleep

Having Trouble Sleeping?

1) Humidify The Air

Air-conditioning helps cool down the room but leaves the air very dry.

Dry air irritates the skin and dries up the nose, mouth & throat.

Use a humidifier to balance out the drying effect of the air conditioner & enjoy good quality sleep.

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2) Build A Sleep Ritual

Turn off all electronic devices 1 hours before bedtime.

Light a candle & meditate on the things that you are grateful for today.

When you shift your mind towards thoughts of gratitude, you will be put to ease.

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3) Find A Familiar Scent

Familiarity gives us comfort. Comfort eases us into a slumber.

Find a scent that reminds you of positive and comforting thoughts.

Spray a gentle mist on your pillows or bed-linens to find rest in a familiar scent.

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