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Coconut & Lime Wax Cubes

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Coconut With A Hint Of Lime

Creamy coconut flesh with a hint of tart lime spritz. A great alternative to a coconut lime scented candle, it has the perfect balance of citrus and rich coconut notes.

Convenient for scenting small enclosed spaces. For large-area scent coverage, burn with wax burners or candle warmers, Coconut & Lime Wax Cubes are a great alternative to burning candles:

  • Strong fragrance per cube (1 cube for 1 small space)
  • Made with 100% pure soy and coconut wax blend
  • Soot-less burn for a clean & healthier fragrance
  • Mix & match scents to create your own unique fragrance
  • Designed in Singapore for daily rejuvenation 


1 x 70g scented wax cubes in a slab of 6 cubes

  • 100% Pure Soy & Coconut Wax
  • Blend of natural essential oils and fragrance oils
  • Free from parabens and other toxic chemicals
  • Safe for inhalation by pets & children

1) Remove wax cubes from packaging

2) Break wax cubes into individual pieces

3a) For small enclosed spaces (wardrobe, shoe cabinet etc). Simply place 1-2 cubes with or without organza bag to scent up the space. Wax cubes will retain scent for 3-4 weeks.

3b) For large open spaces (living room etc). Use a wax burner or candle warmer to melt wax for greater scent throw. Wax cubes will retain scent for ~20 hours of melting.

For more wax melt tips, visit our wax melt guide here


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Why Choose Pristine's Wax Melts

1. Clean & Healthy Fragrance

Wax melts are a great alternative to burning candles as they do not produce soot when burned.

2. Long Lasting Fragrance

Pristine uses a premium blend of high concentration essential oils for a long-lasting natural scent.

3. Effective Fragrance

Pristine wax melts has a higher fragrance load compared to other candles & wax melts for an effective burn.