The Ultimate Desk Scent-Up With @fuzzykitto

The Ultimate Desk Scent-Up With @fuzzykitto

Pristine Homes is a blog series dedicated to celebrating unique home decor ideas and interior designs that the Pristine Community has to offer. 

This feature covers the home of Melvin, a local Singaporean who enjoys styling his workstation to be as productive as possible. We were excited to do our first male feature and capture how Melvin interacted with Pristine in his living space.

Can you tell us abit more about yourself?

Melvin: I’m a Project Manager by profession. To relax, I mainly read, listen to jazz and run. I also like to write professional articles and create content in Instagram and Twitter. A typical guy way of relaxation, I would say. Other than that, I’m a football fan and will be watching matches over the weekends.


The monochromatic aesthetic of Pristine's Himalayan Tea Reed Diffuser is a seamless addition to Melvin's workstation.


Describe to us your home decor style?

Melvin: My current home is really a typical HDB flat. I’m staying with my parents and hence most of the design is based on their liking. In my next home, I’d like to have it in minimal and modern style. Colours wise, I like things in grey, black and white. Walnut wood is what I like to make the house less ‘cold’. I love my current desk the most. It’s minimal and yet functional. Very similar to the clean and simple life I would love to have.

A step back to take a look at Melvin's overall desk setup. We can tell Steve Jobs was a big inspiration!


What are some of your favourite scents?

Melvin: I love the English Country Inn and Himalayan Tea. I fell in love with both of these scents the moment I smell them. As the series suggest, they gave me the feel that I’m at a high hotel. They are both refreshing and calm and hence ideal for daily use.

Melvin chooses to use Pristine's English Country Inn scent for his living space. It now sits atop his bookshelf.


Tell us what you like about Pristine?

Melvin: I like the aesthetics, like the shape of the bottles. It gives a classy and elegant look to the brands, making the hotels its target audience. Having said that, I would humbly suggest to have (probably another product range) to cater to young adults. Adding pastel colours to this range will give a young and chill look, which I think will appeal to the new generation.

Pristine's design is classy and minimalist, suiting most home decor styles.


Tell us how you use Pristine.

Melvin: I mainly use Pristine in my study, bedroom and restroom. English Country Inn is used in my study as the scent gives me a refreshing feel. Ideal for my study as I’ve been working from home quite a lot. As my bedroom, I’m using Himalayan Tea for the calm and relax feel. As for the restroom, I’m using the Maldives Villa. Not particular reason but just to try it out.

Melvin lights up a Bali Scented Candle next to a horse plushie. We assume its bedtime!


For more minimalist interior design inspiration, do head on to @6flights,up instagram page.


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