Why Pristine Makes The Best Reed Diffusers & Candles In Malaysia

Why Pristine Makes The Best Reed Diffusers & Candles In Malaysia

Pristine is a local home fragrance brand founded to design scents for the everyday home. Our love for staycations at both local and international hotels inspired our first and most popular collection - now well-loved and known to most as the hotel series reed diffuser collection. Imagine if you could experience the simple luxuries of a hotel staycation from the comfort of your home every single day. 

The hotel series is a result of our intentions to design the best reed diffusers that could make such experiences accessible to the everyday home. There are currently 6 scents in our hotel series - English Country Inn, Japanese Ryokan, Maldives Villa, Swiss Chateau, Moroccan Riad & Casa Particular. By popular demand, these scents are also now available in the form of a scented wood-wick soy candle and aroma concentrate for electric diffusers.

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Curated For Quality

The number one reason why we make the best reed diffusers & scented candles in Malaysia is because our products are highly curated for quality and scent-market fit. TheHoneyCombers.com has rated us as the top home fragrance brand. 

Each and every scent goes through a rigorous curation process. This process starts with our in-house team hand-picking a number of scents that aligns with the direction of evoking a specific experience for its end user. These hand-picked scents are then optimised for the right concentration of fragrant content to ensure that the scents are not too strong and not too weak, ensuring a long lasting scent experience. 

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Rigorous Scent Testing

Pristine has won several awards including Beauty Insider’s Readers Choice Award for the Best Reed Diffuser brand. This is a result of our rigorous scent testing process which occurs before we launch any scent to market.

We test each scent on a test group with no less than 100 people who will then score each scent based on certain criteria. We then analyze the results and release the only best scents we believe to be suitable for the market. This rigorous curation process filters out only the best market-tested scents which makes it difficult for anyone buying our scents to go wrong with their choice. This makes gift giving fuss free as well.

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Emphasis On Design

Our design-led approach towards creating our products ensures that every Pristine product is suitable for every home. Adopting principles of minimalism and essentialism, our design is understated such that it does not disrupt the interior decor of any Malaysian home, this makes gift giving fuss-free as well.

We believe that being close to nature brings serenity into our lives. Pristine incorporates elements of nature into each of our design touch-points: e.g. Pristine's signature moss-green glass jars, wooden cap lids & wooden candle wicks. We hope to add little touches of nature into your home.

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Accessible For Everyday Use

Last but not least, we believe that scents and aromatherapy should be enjoyed and consumed on a regular basis. We make the best reed diffusers & scented candles in Malaysia because we aspire to make our products as accessible and affordable as possible. This means the cost of diffuser fragrance oils and burning candles should be kept to a minimum. We strive to keep costs low through supply chain efficiency and cutting out middlemen so we can pass on cost benefits and keep our products affordable for our customers. 

Our team at Pristine strives to continuously innovate our scent offerings and we can’t wait to show you more of our scented products in our development pipeline. In the meantime, enjoy rejuvenation through our scents. Shop our best reed diffusers here. and our best selling scented candles here.

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