5 Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

5 Tips To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Want a home that smells as incredible as it looks? Like the idea of living in a space where it smells as welcoming and relaxing as those high-end shopping malls and luxury spa retreats? Not sure how to pick amongst the variety of various home fragrance options? 

Well, congratulations, you have found the right article to solve your queries! As experts in home fragrances, our team at Pristine

has helped put together some simple tips to help homeowners like yourself find the most suitable type of home fragrance for your living space.

1. Scented Candles

One of the earliest forms of home fragrance, dating back to the Middle Ages, scented candles, which were once an expensive luxury, has now become a popular choice of fragrance for modern households.

The reason for the popularity is simple. Available in various shapes, colours, sizes, and scents, it is one of the most versatile, affordable, and easily accessible options of home fragrances out there.

Planning to use a scented candle in your home? It is as simple as placing it anywhere you would like the scent to emanate from, lighting it up, and enjoying the scent it slowly releases as it burns. However, do make sure to keep candles away from potential fire hazards. (e.g., curtains or loose papers)

Tip: For most effective scenting effects, place them in smaller enclosed spaces like your bedroom or study for a calming, relaxing, or even romantic ambiance.

Recommended if you prefer old school ‘acoustic’ environment, don’t require the scent to be perpetually “on” and would like your home fragrance to potentially double up as decorative items.

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2. Fresh Cut Flowers

Research has found that having flowers at home directly corresponds to increased happiness, reduced depression, and decreases anxiety. It is also believed that having flowers around can increase the emotional connection among family members.

Top fragrant flowers include Lavender, Roses, Lily, Hyacinth, Freesia and many more. Flowers also serve as a bright and beautiful home decoration to scent up home.

Flower usages are very straightforward – simply place fresh cut flowers into a vase filled with sufficient water to keep them blooming.

Tip: Replenish the water frequently and trim at least a half inch of stem off your flowers before you put them in a vase and each time you change the water.

Unfortunately, flowers are hard to maintain – fresh cut ones usually last about 1 to 2 weeks and their scents fade away easily. For a more reliable, low maintenance home fragrance, look out for our next item on the list.

3. Reed Diffusers

Prefer a low-maintenance home fragrance set up that you don’t have to attend to quite so often? Well, then a reed-diffuser might just be the choice for you.

While reed diffusers have only become popular in recent decade, credits to its invention goes to interior designer Alessandro Agrati back in 1990. He discovered that when a bunch of rattan sticks are soaked in the perfume, the fragrance will be gradually released into the air with little to no maintenance required.

So how exactly does a reed diffuser work? Well, it is as simple as it gets. The porous wooden reeds are immersed in the liquid fragrance in the bottle, allowing them to slowly absorb the liquids, moving up along the reed and subsequently evaporating and diffusing the fragrance into the air.

Tip: Flip the reeds once a week, depending on your needs to improve the diffusion process.

As a home fragrance option, reed diffusers are incredibly easy to use and unlike candles do not have limitations on where they can be placed. However, depending on the size of the room, you may need to increase the number of reeds used to strengthen the scent diffused in the area. 

Recommended for homeowners looking for a low-maintenance setup that continuously emits subtle fragrance in the background.

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4. Simmer A Stew

If you fancy yourself a good cook, why not fragrance your home by putting a pot of aromatic ingredients on the stove? Combine your favourite fruits, herbs, and spices and set it to simmer for a warmth that will permeate the whole house.

While simmering a stew can easily be the most fragrant option on the list, it goes without saying that this alternative requires the most effort as well. If you are looking for something strong to scent up your home with much lesser effort, consider getting a combination of electric diffuser and aroma concentrate.

5. Aroma Concentrate (with Electric Diffuser)

Familiar with aromatherapy lamps of the past where essential oils are heated with a lighted candle to release fragrance molecules into the air?

Well, the electric diffuser is essentially the same, except that it relies on electricity instead of an open fire to break down the liquid aroma concentrate into a fine mist that is then dispersed into the air.

To get started, you simply need to mix the diffuser with your choice of aroma concentrate and let the machine do its job. When the scent diminishes, simply empty the mixture and refill again with your preferred scent of water + aroma concentrate.

Compared to candles and reed diffusers which rely passively on air circulation for dispersion of the scent, electric diffusers are better at controlling the intensity and duration of scent being released. Depending on the model of your electronic diffuser, you may be able to fine-tune and time the release of the scents.

Tip: Small diffusers tend to have smaller storage space and hence may require to be refilled more often. If you have a large space, it is recommended to opt for a larger diffuser instead.

Recommended for homeowners looking for a safe, more intense, and controlled way to disperse fragrance in the home.

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6. Room Sprays

Are you looking for an instant fragrance solution to scent up any space at any time? Are you looking to kill of those nasty odors in the toilet and shoe cabinet? Are you looking for a fragrant mist to spray on your pillows and linens? Well, look no further - room sprays are the immediate scent solution - giving the immediate fragrant effect with 2-3 pumps of spray.

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Which Is Your Preferred Home Fragrance?

Ready to rejuvenate your living space with nice-smelling scents?

Whether you prefer the romantic ambiance of scented candles, subtle background fragrance of reed diffusers, or the control of electronic diffusers, Pristine is your one-stop-shop for your perfect home fragrance.

Check out our online shop to explore our variety of home fragrances to help you create the ideal ambiance for your home.

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