How To Use Room Sprays - 8 Creative Ways

How To Use Room Sprays - 8 Creative Ways

Commonly used in Malaysian households because of its convenience, room sprays are a great way to freshen up the air in your home and create a pleasant aroma.

Whether you are looking to mask unpleasant odors, create a relaxing atmosphere, or simply add a touch of fragrance to your space, the best room spray can help. Here are 8 creative ways for you to get the most out of your room sprays.

1) Closets

In the hot yet humid island that is Singapore, bad smelling clothes is a potential problem any home might face. Spritz your room spray in your closet to freshen up your clothes and keep them smelling great.

2) Bathroom

For all of us that hate the odour of a toilet after we are done with our business, Keep your bathroom smelling fresh by spraying your room spray in the air or on your towels and bath mat.

3) Bedroom

Pristine’s room spray can be used as a linen spray for sheets and pillow mist to help with rest and rejuvenation. Spray a layer of linen mist spray on your pillows and bedding to create a relaxing atmosphere for a good night's sleep.

4) Kitchen

Room sprays are known for their instant fragrance function. For those who dislike the lingering smell after cooking in the kitchen, Use your room spray to eliminate cooking odors and keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh.

5) Office

Have a not so pleasant smelling colleague? Keep your workspace smelling great by spraying your room spray on your desk, chair, or in the air. You can also choose to spray on him/her (you didn't hear it from us)

6) Directly on to the fan

Here is a neat trick which can scent up your entire home. While the fan is off, spray directly onto the fan blades before turning it on. Sit back and enjoy the fragrance as it permeates through the entire space. You can also try spraying on the cage of a standing fan.

7) Pet areas

Did you know that Pristine’s room sprays are pet friendly? While you shouldn’t spray directly onto your furry buddies, use your room spray to eliminate pet odors in their sleeping or play areas, such as their bed, crate, or toys.

8) Gym accessories

Gym accessories such as gym bags, clothes, mats can smell bad after a great workout. It is always a good idea to leave them out to air and spritz a dash of room spray onto it.


Many have also asked - how to make room sprays last longer? To create the best long lasting room spray, Pristine's uses a blend of concentrated essential oil and fragrance oils which gives it a strong, natural & long-lasting scent.

Finally, one of the biggest mistakes people make when using room sprays is overdoing it. While it can be tempting to spray a lot of product to achieve a strong aroma, this can actually have the opposite effect and make the scent overwhelming. Instead, start with a small amount of spray and gradually increase as needed, especially for Pristine Room Spray which has the highest fragrance concentration in the market.

Try one for yourself here.

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