How To Use Ball Diffuser As A Car Fragrance

How To Use Ball Diffuser As A Car Fragrance

After you purchased your first ball diffuser from Pristine Aroma, you might face some challenges especially if you are a first-time ball diffuser or car fragrance user. In this article, we try to answer your frequently asked questions as you begin your aromatherapy journey:

How to open a ball diffuser bottle?

Yes, we know... The cap on the reed diffuser bottle can sometimes be screwed too tightly into the bottle. This is a necessary precaution so that the essential oils do not leak out inside its packaging. You might use your teeth, it actually works but is not the best idea - the essential and fragrance oils are not the most taste-friendly.

We have re-designed the cap such that you can use your finger to pull it off. If it is still too tight, use a small blade (be careful!) or spoon, slip it under a plastic cap, and slowly try to push the cap upward, slowly loosening the cap so you can easily pull it off. 

How to assemble the ball & stick?

Each Pristine Aroma ball diffuser comes with a porous polyester stick with a wooden ball. Simply insert the stick into the diffuser bottle and cap it off with the wooden ball. 

*Please remember to not push the stick all the way to the bottom of the bottle but leave an inch of the stick exposed to activate the scent diffusion. 


How to make the ball diffuser scent last longer?

If the ball diffuser is not in use, you may push the stick all the way to the bottom to reduce the diffusion and hence save some of the fragrance oil from evaporating.

Over time, your nose might get used to the scent of the ball diffuser which will make you think that the scent is disappearing. Don't worry as this is a common issue especially if you are staying in your car for long hours. To increase the scent intensity, pull out the ball and stick to expose more of the stick which will increase the scent diffusion.

If you find that your ball diffusers are drying out very quickly, it could be exposed to heat or direct sunlight which could increase the rate of evaporation of the diffuser blends. Find a cool and ventilated space to make your ball diffuser last longer like the cup holder of your car.


How long do ball diffusers last?

A typical 50ml ball diffuser will provide a scent for your car for around 4-6 weeks. To make your ball diffuser last longer, simply push down the stick all the way to the bottom of the bottle to deactivate the scent and reduce evaporation by removing the exposure of the stick to air.


Do you have any other questions on how to use Ball Diffusers as a car fragrance? Let us know!

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