When Scandi meets Japandi @jingwensathome

When Scandi meets Japandi @jingwensathome

Pristine Homes is a blog series dedicated to celebrating unique home decor ideas and interior designs that Singapore has to offer. Living in a land scarce country, Singaporeans have to think out of the box and be creative about how to best utilize their hdb interior design to enhance their living spaces. We will be featuring some of the best instagrams for home decor in Singapore and diving into conversations about how they view home fragrances as an essential part of their home decor.

In this Pristine Home feature is a Japandi-Scandi design by Tiffany and Bryan (@jingwensathome on instagram). Read on to understand more about how they style their AAAA home with Pristine.


Can you tell us abit more about yourselves? (e.g. what do you do for fun or to relax?)

We’re Tiffany and Bryan and both our Chinese names are jingwen :) (same pronunciation, different writing!). We have 4 cats- AAAA- August, Austin, Auri & Audi! We love playing with our cats, having friends and family over at our home, and mostly spending alone time at home.


Describe to us your home decor style (and your home inspirations)

We didn’t follow a particular style when designing our home. Our process was simply taking inspiration from what we saw online, piecing them together on our mood board and seeing if they fit well. If we have to name some styles, scandi and japandi come to mind.

How did you come up with the inspirations before your renovation? How did you pitch to your ID your dream house?

Through weeks of scrolling Instagram/Pinterest and many saved photos :) We presented our moodboard to our ID. Each slide had photos that we cut and pasted, and description of the style that we were going for. We’re not designers and our moodboard is extremely messy but we managed to make it work.


Which is your favourite area of your home and why?

Kitchen, for sure! That’s also because apart from the kitchen and bathrooms, we didn't really do any major work elsewhere. Now, it is the heart of our home - Tiff cooks regularly (it’s a form of stress relief for her) and we absolutely love spending our time there.

Another area would be our DIY lime wash painted wall in the living area as it’s added so much more depth and texture to the home. We liked it so much that we painted 2 more walls after a year of moving in.

How do you style your home, and what do you look out for when you buy home decor pieces?

We looked to Instagram for alot of home furniture inspiration and once we saw a piece of furniture we liked, Tiff was relentless in sourcing :) We didn't restrict ourselves to shops in SG - we have wall lights from Australia (got a friend based there to help us with the purchase) and design inspiration from France.


When it comes to scents, what are some of your favourites?

We like the Himalayan Tea and have that in the centre of our home (living area). I especially like the Paris candle and used our Pristine Candle Warmer to light it up during the Christmas season when we had many gatherings

Tell us what you like about Pristine? (any particular scents or aesthetic)

The bottles come in light and dark coloured which makes it very versatile in any space aesthetically. We love that refill bottles are available for purchase and it’s not a one time use. Their launches of new products are also commendable- with height-adjustable candle warmers, wax burners all available :)

Tell us how you use Pristine (e.g. which scents/products are better for which rooms)

Aroma concentrate for bedroom because it gives off a soothing background noise which I personally like. ‘Bigger’ items like candle warmer and wax burner are displayed in our living area and act as decor pieces as well.

For more minimalist interior design inspiration, do head on to Tiffany and Bryan's instagram page.

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