A Touch Of Modern Luxury @atinymodernluxe

A Touch Of Modern Luxury @atinymodernluxe

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We all love a luxury home. However, as the term “luxury” denotes - you need a lot of money to have a luxury home. @atinymodernluxe turns this misconception on its head with her take of turning an apartment into a - as its name suggests - tiny modern luxury home.

Read on and get inspired by her interior design inspirations of combining different materials and elements to create the aspirational modern luxurious home:


Can you tell us abit more about yourselves? (e.g. what do you do for fun or to relax?) 

Aside from my full time job, I love styling our home. I design the layout of our home and carefully pick the right furniture & decor pieces to go along with it. It feels satisfying to be able to design your own home. It is like unleashing your inner creativity. And all thanks to my husband who allows me to design & style our home. I’m so grateful for that!


Describe to us your home decor style (and your home inspirations) 

We are drawn to modern design with a touch of luxury. I got my inspiration from my previous work place. Back then, the timeless marble piece can almost be seen everywhere. One day, I walked into a beautiful toilet with white marble slab wall and brass mirrors hanging against it. That gave me the inspiration to put up a marble wallpaper in our living room & all our furniture pieces have brass elements.

How did you come up with the inspirations before your renovation? How did you pitch to your ID your dream house?

Inspirations came from my instagram feed. I followed mostly home interiors from the scandi countries. Our colour scheme came from the inspiration that I got. Neutral colours like white, black, grey and a touch of brass.

We proposed our idea to our ID and he executed it. There were few layout adjustments suggested by them which we ended up taking their advice. 


Which is your favourite area of your home and why?

Both our MBR and living room. 

Our MBR has a walking wardrobe and a platform bed with storage. The minimalist headboard with warm light creates a cosy ambience. Adding on to it, we have a projector in our MBR for late night Netflix movies!

As you walk into our living room, you are drawn to the huge marble wallpaper as a featured wall. It’s like a piece of art on your wall and it’s something unique. We spent most of our time in our living room watching tv and we love inviting friends over for late night movies!

How do you style your home, and what do you look out for when you buy home decor pieces?

Our home style is based on anything modern with either marble or brass elements. Most of our furniture has those elements. It goes the same way for our decor pieces. 


When it comes to scents, what are some of your favourites?

We love hotel scents. They are usually calming and very welcoming for guests. We love the experience of coming home with a great scent!

Tell us what you like about Pristine? (any particular scents or aesthetic)

We love the Pristine hotel series scent. Especially the Swiss Chateau. One large size reed diffuser or small candle on our coffee table can cover the entire dining and living room. 


Tell us how you use Pristine (e.g. which scents/products are better for which rooms)

We put a small reed diffuser in our service yard as well as in the bathrooms. If you are a candle lover, you can put the small candle in the bathroom too. (Shop Pristine Candles here) We placed the large reed diffuser on our coffee table & the big candle on our dining table. This acts like a decor piece for our home and I'm glad that Pristine bottles are brown in colour. It fits perfectly in any home. 

For more minimalist interior design inspiration, do head on to their instagram page.

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