2022 Christmas Scent Gift Guide By Pristine 2022 Christmas Scent Gift Guide By Pristine

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Pristine Gift Guide 2022

Pristine Gift Guide 2022

We’ve said it many times but we will say it again - These are the top reasons why Pristine will make the perfect gift this year:

1) Curated Home Fragrance That Don't Break The Bank

Gifts under MYR55 - Includes Pristine’s Garden Series Reed Diffusers and Aroma Concentrate

Gifts under MYR90 - Includes Pristine’s Hotel and Signature Series Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays and 85g candles

Gifts under RM160 - Includes Pristine’s larger 180ml reed diffusers and large 250g candles


2) Designed With Tasteful Minimalism, You Can Find A Gift For Anyone

Reed Diffusers - Good for new home owners, reed diffusers are the perfect room and toilet décor

Room Sprays - Good for house-wives or house-husbands, room sprays are the perfect way to immediately remove cooking and toilet odors

Scented Candles - Good for those who are stressed, scented candles provide a relaxing ambience as the wood wick burns and crackles while releasing a calming aroma

Aroma Concentrates - Good for those who are constantly on the move - in cars or with a laptop. The USB humidifier is the perfect carry around item to scent up your environment.

3) An Experience That Suits Any Personality & Vibe

Pristine currently has 19 curated scents. To find the most suitable scent for your home please read our scent guide here.

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