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Japanese Ryokan Ball Diffuser

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Japanese Ryokan Scent

"This scent is spot on to Shangri-La's signature scent.." - A powdery floral-woody blend that is guaranteed to delight. Learn more about this Shangri-La Hotel-inspired Japanese Ryokan Scent here.

Experience the rustic zen of a traditional Japanese hotel. Lavender notes reflect the calm of a secluded Ryokan nestled away in a rural Osaka village. Musky notes of Amber and the spring-like freshness of Lily of the Valley are reminiscent of the surrounding hot springs. Base notes of Sandalwood mimic the Ryokan’s natural wood interiors and surrounding forests.

Ball diffusers are an easy and elegant way to fine-tune your home:

  • Functions as both a home decor piece & fragrance source
  • Experience the luxurious & calming scent inspired by Shangri-La
  • High-concentration essential oils for a long-lasting natural scent
  • Minimalist design & packaging for every home
  • Designed in Singapore for daily rejuvenation


1 x Bottle of pre-filled fragrance oil (50ml) of Japanese Ryokan Scent

1 x Wooden ball

It can last up to 4-6 weeks (50ml). The shelf life is 12 months after opening the packaging.


*In order to activate the scent, please leave an inch of the polyester stem exposed for effective diffusion. It is important to NOT push the ball and polyester stem all the way down to the bottom. 


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